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The Churchill Bar & Terrace (plus their cigar smoker cocktail)

Back in the day when we used to be allowed to roam the streets and enter other buildings (before the most recent COVID-19 national lockdown), I made a visit to The Churchill Bar & Terrace just off of Bond Street, London.

Following recent expeditions trying The Cigar Experience at The Montague on the Gardens and High tea with cigar and whiskey at Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel, I was really looking forward to seeing what this place had to offer!

It was a fancy bar connected to the Churchill Hyatt Regency London hotel.

Upon entering the hotel and being directed to the bar and terrace I was immediately blown away by the Churchill references in the lobby.

A statue of Winston Churchill
An artwork of British prime ministers Winston Churchill & Margaret Thatcher

I had to take photos of those, as they were both striking works of art.

When I arrived at the bar and terrace I was taken to my seat, which I had previously made a reservation for.

Social distance measures were in place

I was required to order a substantial meal if I wanted to order any alcohol (this was due to COVID-19 related conditions, associated to the U.K. government’s tier system). Prior to my visit I did read about their cigar cocktail, which I was keen to try out.

Menu showing The Cigar Smoker cocktail

I ordered The Cigar Smoker cocktail along with the recommended Crispy Halloumi and cigar… unfortunately they didn’t have the Cuaba Salamones available so I had to order Partagas Serie P No.2 instead.

Menu showing the Cigars on offer

I cut and lit my cigar.

Partagas Serie P No.2

The food arrived shortly afterwards.

The cocktail looked fantastic, it arrived with a giant smoke filled bubble inflated on the top, which I had to pop. It wasn’t the most masculine of moments, but I am glad I opted for this drink. It felt like a good pairing with my cigar.

‘The Cigar Smoker’ cocktail after the smoke bubble had been popped.


  • 50 ml Roasted Green Pepper infused Cenote Blanco Tequila
  • 30 ml Noilly Prat
  • 30 ml Tomato shrub
  • 20 ml Grapefruit Oleo-saccharum
  • 30 ml salted Cacao Husk Brew

I’ve managed to track down a better shot of the cocktail before and after…

I didn’t feel too awkward at this venue whilst smoking solo on a table for 1. At first it was fairly quiet, then there were quite a few other people in the bar terrace. Later in the evening, another solo diner came in ordered a cigar and started taking selfies of himself smoking, so I didn’t feel too bad being on my own after that.

The Partagas was not that memorable if I am completely honest, but that was probably because there was a lot going on around me, but it was a pleasant smoke. It felt quite overpriced, but I kinda expect that when purchasing a cigar at a bar or terrace.

Once I ate, drank and smoked my cigar I got the bill and left. Overall it was a great experience. Just a shame they didn’t have all the cigars on the menu available.

My rating: 7 out of 10

If you would like to visit… I made my reservation at Open Table’s website.


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