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A list of online cigar shops in the UK

I have just purchased the first few cigars of my cigar challenge, but realise I haven’t really had a chance to explore the variety of different online cigar shops that are available to us in the U.K. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when we need to rely on these more than ever.

I am really interested to hear what your preferences are, and what experiences you have had. Let me know in the comments section of this blog post (at the bottom of the page) or across my Twitter & Instagram pages.

I’ve compiled a quick list of what I can find from a quick google search…

Simply Cigars

Screenshot of the Simply Cigars website

Nice slick website. Good selection of cigars. A great showcase of cigar gifts including cigar cutters, cigar lighters, cigar ashtrays.

I really like the ‘best seller’ component that features on each cigar page, as it gives you an idea on what is popular. Usually I get really overwhelmed by what’s on offer, but this can help narrow down your choice of cigar purchase.

JJ Fox

Screenshot of the JJ Fox website

It feels strange to use this website to purchase cigars as the physical store itself in St James, London has the most incredible walk in humidor and sampling lounge. You can also visit the cigar museum downstairs.

As a website experience, it is interesting that the search results include how much time each cigar will take to smoke. However it would be useful to be able to filter your search results by ring gauge size.

The blog looks really interesting, although I don’t think I’ve ever come across this before. Will definitely bookmark this and head back to view some of the posts there.

It is also worth keeping an eye out for JJ Fox’s forthcoming events, I know in the past they have had cigar rollers in the store. It will be interesting to see if they run any virtual events during this unusual period of lockdown.

CGars Ltd

Screenshot of the CGars website

I find CGars the most accessible online cigar store. They appear to have a wide selection of cigars, and I can always rely on this website to provide me with the cigars I am searching for no matter how obscure they appear to be. They also feel like the most affordable offering.

For the cigar challenge, I have used this website to purchase the first few cigars. I am also familiar with the cigar expert Mitchell Orchant, who I once heard speak at a cigar auction a couple of years back at Bosidale, Canary Wharf.

Havana House

Screenshot of the Havana House website

Initially I wasn’t sure whether this was a British website, as it looks slightly American in look and feel. They appear to have a good selection of cigars on this website and may purchase my next set of cigars from there.

Interestingly they run a Cigar Cruise once a year, but of course due to the pandemic that won’t be happening in the year ahead. But worth keeping your eye on their events page.

Cigars of Cuba

Screenshot from the Cigars of Cuba website

I am not a fan of this website, it isn’t easy to find cigars. There doesn’t appear to be a huge selection of cigars available.

Robert Graham

Screenshot from the Robert Graham website

Nice slick design, easy to find a cigar from their selection.

This merchant is running lots of virtual events during the lockdown period – well worth checking out.

Sautter of Mount Street

Screenshot from the Sautter of Mount Street website

Again it feels weird to purchase cigars from this website, as the physical cigar store in Mount Street, London is fantastic and absolutely worth the experience of going there in person to buy and sample your cigars. I went here back in the day during a Cuban Cigar Walk run by Nic Wing, who is unfortunately no longer with us. Sautter’s is a big hitter, and the quality of purchases here will be top notch. They also offer Cigar Training for those that want to learn more. I’m super tempted to sign up to their forthcoming virtual training events.

Additional updates:

My Smoking Shop

Screenshot of the My Smoking Shop website

Shortly after publishing this blog post, I was made aware of the following online store. I have actually used this before to purchase a Peterson pipe, but it didn’t immediately jump to my attention as a website that I would visit again. I think it’s due to the website looking like something from GeoCities. However it has a great selection of cigars at good prices, so worth a visit.

Davidoff London

Screenshot of the Davidoff London website

Another that came to mind was Davidoff London, but like JJ Fox and Sautter’s above, I would recommend visiting the physical store – as it has a fantastic walk in humidor and great staff. One of the best in London. This was in fact the first cigar shop I ever visited when I started working in London, it was there I had my first Davidoff cigar. However from a website point of view, it feels more like an online showroom as opposed to an online store to order cigars – it takes quite a few clicks to purchase a cigar.

And that’s it for now. Let me know if there’s any better online cigar stores out there.

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