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High tea with cigar and whiskey at Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel

After The Montague on the Gardens visit it wasn’t long until I booked the next cigar experience, this time a high tea with cigar and whiskey at the Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel.

Again I felt quite anxious about rocking up to an afternoon tea for 1 person – billy no mates again – but I really wanted to try this cigar experience.

As soon as I walked into the hotel reception I was told to turn right into the Wild Heart Bar & Grill and get the waiter to take me to my seat. Luckily the restaurant was quite empty so I could choose where I wanted to sit.

First the waiter asked what tea I would like, I ordered a mint tea, which came in a nice big white pot, followed by the menu items below…

Karma Sanctum’s Afternoon Tea Menu

The food came in different rounds of serving, and even though they looked like small portions, they were filling. Here are some photos I took of the grub…

Afternoon tea – Serving 1

The actual scones – as featured in all afternoon teas – came inside a giant black box, that had a giant skull on the front. I didn’t manage to get a photo of that, but if you look closer at the photo below, you should be able to see a skull on the back of the box…

Afternoon tea – Serving 2
Afternoon tea – Serving 3

After the final serving, I was then escorted up to the cigar terrace which is on the 5th floor of the hotel (so involved getting inside the hotel lift).

Karma Sanctum Cigar Terrace

Luckily it was fairly empty, I say luckily mainly because I didn’t feel awkward smoking alone, compared to if other people were there.

I was given a glass of Gentleman’s Jack whiskey and a cigar. I wish they gave me a choice of what I could smoke. The cigar was a Plasencia Reserva Original Corona, a long thin cigar. It was an ok smoke, but it made me realise and confirm for the first time in my life that I am a fan of cigars with a large ring gauge – definitely ring gauge 50 or over. With the long thin cigars it felt like there was not much to draw on.

Plasencia Cigars Reserva Original

After the cigar I head back down to the restaurant, said thanks and left.

Overall this was a good experience, the afternoon tea was very different to a normal afternoon tea, and the cigar terrace was great – they even had a jacuzzi on it – I bet in the summer and in the heat that it’s a great atmosphere. The only recommendation I would make, is to offer the guest the option to select a cigar to smoke.

My rating: 6 out of 10

You can book an Ace Of Spades Afternoon Tea at Karma Sanctum when lockdown eases again at remember to request the cigar and whiskey as an additional extra!

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