cigar review pending


Ok so it looks like the next cigar from the Bances brand as part of my cigar challenge is not possible to smoke right now… I cannot seem to find anywhere in the U.K. that sells this cigar. It also looks like it has been discontinued in the U.S too.

A Bances illustration from a cigar label I found online

There have been a couple of sightings on Instagram…

November 2020

September 2020

I even tried asking Twitter…

But still no luck of it’s whereabouts. It’s a shame as I would love to have tried the Bances President, a huge 8.5 inches in length. That would definitely take a while to smoke!

It’s also interesting hearing a bit about the background of this cigar… apparently the brand came from Cuba in the year 1840, created by Francisco G. Bances. His range of cigars became famous for being the very first cigar to boast a double band.

A reference to the Bances cigar in The Cigar Companion

If someone knows of this cigar brands whereabouts, get in touch, leave a comment on the blog or reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram. I suppose it makes this cigar challenge even more interesting. Hopefully I will track it down at some point in the future and be able to update this page.

Onto the next cigar… the Bauza! which also feels quite difficult to track down…

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