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Diplomaticos: No.2 Cigar

The next cigar I will be smoking as part of my cigar challenge is from the Diplomaticos family. I will be trying the Diplomaticos No.2 Cigar.

The stats:

Size : Piramide (6 1/8″ x 52)
Origin : Cuba
Strength : Medium to Full
Wrapper : Corojo

Diplomaticos No.2 Cigar


The Diplomáticos has been in production since 1966, it is a Cuban cigar brand made at the José Martí factory in Havana, where the Montecristo is from.

Diplomáticos was the first new brand of Cuban cigars after the Cuban Revolution to be sold to the public (Cohiba was the very first brand created post-Revolution, but was only used for President Fidel Castro’s private consumption and as diplomatic gifts, not being sold to the public until 1982).

Apparently this was pitched as a ‘value’ option for those who couldn’t afford a Montecristo and the cigars were aimed specifically towards customers in the French market.

My experience:

This cigar looks grand and the cigar band gives it a classic look.

I must say whilst smoking it, it didn’t really stand out as a great cigar for me. I think my standards are quite high at the moment as I’ve been smoking some very good cigars so anything that isn’t exceptional doesn’t really stand out.

I didn’t really get many flavour notes, it did feel well wrapped and the ash looked great. But meh… a pretty average cigar, nothing special.

My rating: 5 out 10 – not memorable – which saddens me as this is a Cuban cigar and I expect a lot from this.

Next up… the Don Diego!

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