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H Upmann: Magnum 50

The next cigar I am going to try as part of my cigar challenge is from the H. Upmann cigar brand, I will be smoking the Magnum 50.

The stats:

Length: 6 1/4”
Ring Gauge: 50
Strength: Light to medium
Country of origin: Cuba
Wrapper: Corojo

H. Upmann Magnum 50


It seems there’s a whole lot of different versions of the H. Upmann story out there… but it appears the brand was started by brothers Hermann Upmann and August Upmann back in 1844.

Herman Upmann

The Sautters website explains…

“In one version of the story they were German textile manufacturers who moved their family-owned operation to Havana, Cuba and in another they were bankers. Supposedly, they were avid cigar smokers and used cigars as a promotion tool for their customers.”

There are others that state “it was the brothers’ nephews, German and Alberto, who founded the business and the cigars simply became associated with it.”

The brand gained recognition at various exhibitions and won gold medals at international events. References to these appear on the artwork featured on their cigar boxes that are still being distributed across the world today.

Interesting fact… the brothers are credited with the invention of packaging cigars in cedar boxes. These boxes were labelled with the H. Upmann name and contained other brands cigars, most likely as an advertisement for their operation, until they acquired their own cigar factory: the famous H. Upmann Factory, now known as the José Martí Factory.

The famous H. Upmann Factory, now known as the José Martí Factory

However, in the 1920-30s, H. Upmann went bankrupt. The brand was then purchased and passed onto others including British firm, J. Frankau & Co. then Menéndez, García, y Cía before the nationalisation of the tobacco industry after the Cuba revolution.

H Upmann Vintage Tin Sign

Menéndez and García went on to create their own special cigars, known as the H. Upmann Montecristo Selection, which would go on to become the famous Montecristo brand.

Today the H. Upmann brand is one of the oldest and most highly trusted premium cigar brands still produced today.

The H. Upmann Magnum 50 was introduced to mark 50 years of the H. Upmann brand. This cigar was announced by Habanos S.A. at the 2008 Festival del Habano in Havana (the famous annual Cuban cigar festival). This cigar is said to be a favourite among many cigar smokers.

Visit for more infos.

My experience:

This cigar looks big and bold in size and has a striking look and feel with its red double cigar band – a stellar construction. I have heard that this is a light to medium smoke, which had worried me as I’ve not had a great experience with those types of cigars of late, but wow what a smoke!

After a couple of initial puffs on my cigar, I got some earth and leather flavour notes. I can imagine this cigar is perfect for an afternoon smoke.

It definitely feels more medium than light in strength, and you can just tell that this is a good quality smoke, as it has the perfect draw to it. A couple of spicy flavour notes towards the end of the cigar. This has left a great impression on me.

My rating: 7 out of 10 – a great smoke and a brand I want to explore further.

Next up… a Habana Gold cigar!

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