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The Garden Room at The Lanesborough Hotel

The UK’s nationwide lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is finally easing, this means outdoor hospitality venues are open again and yes that includes outdoor cigar terraces 👊

With that in mind, I cracked on making reservations to visit the many cigar terraces across London.

First up was The Garden Room at The Lanesborough.

To make a booking, The Lanesborough website points you to Bookatable (which is changing its name to The Fork), from there it’s easy to secure your spot at the venue.

Only a few friends know I am a cigar smoker (yep I must say I have some kind of shame attached to being a cigar smoker) and they don’t smoke. I don’t know any other cigar smokers in person – so decided to bite the bullet and go on my own. Booking a table for 1 feels slightly embarrassing, but f*ck it, life’s too short and I love my cigar adventures!

So off I went to Hyde Park Corner which is the nearest tube station to Lanesborough Hotel (Exit 3 takes you outside the main entrance).

The Hyde Park Corner tube sign is visible outside the entrance to The Lanesborough Hotel

I had dressed up for the occasion – the WFH (work from home) attire is a boring look – and it was a nice change to wear a smart jacket, dark blue jeans, white shirt, tie and jumper again.

I’m not posh at all so was bricking it a little as I approached The Lanesborough. It’s strangely quite terrifying seeing those guys in the tall top hat and tails waiting for guests to arrive, when you’re going in solo. Hope I don’t make myself look like a right plonker!

The entrance to The Lanesborough Hotel

I asked for ‘The Garden Room’ and immediately they escorted me through the hotel so I got to the right place, staff were greeting me as I walked through. It felt dead classy.

The interior was 👌

On the way to The Garden Room

The next thing I know I’m in the bar being taken to my seat. The staff on arrival were excellent – instantly making me feel at ease – handing me the drinks menu and the cigar menu – yes!

The Garden Room cigar menu

These kinds of public cigar places are always a little more expensive than your local cigar store, as you’re paying for the environment and the experience.

Yep that’s £10,000 for the Cohiba 50th Anniversary cigar 🙈

The cigars on offer

I asked whether it would be possible to go inside the humidor to see the cigars on offer. It was at that moment I was introduced to the manager Sophian Ejjanfi, who was a cigar enthusiast himself – a great man. He immediately gave me a tour of the two humidors, where the hotel stores their cigars.

The humidor

All of the cigars in this humidor are from Cuba, including a wide variety of strengths and flavours, as well as sizes. The Garden Room store a collection of Limited edition, Special edition and Vintage cigars including the 50th Anniversary from Cohiba.

Cohiba’s 50th Anniversary Humidor

It was at that point I came face to face with the wonderful Cohiba’s 50th Anniversary Humidor. The Cohiba humidor, made by Elie Bleu, is a spectacular, one-of-a-kind object. The front doors are covered with 48 panels of gold foiled tobacco leaves.

This particular humidor is number 31 out of the 50 made. Number 1 is owned by someone living in London and number 8 is lucky.

Inside, the cedar shelves are filled with 50 of the Cohiba 50 Anniversary, a special edition Cohiba; the cigar is a 7 inch by 60 ring gauge, the largest cigar ever made by the Cuban cigar industry.

The £10,000 Cohiba 50 Anniversary cigar

After being wooed by the Cohiba brand, and with the 50th Anniversary cigar being a little out of reach in terms of budget, I tried the next best thing… the Cohiba Maduro 5 😀.

I went back to my seat in the chilled, laid back Garden Room where my cigar was cut and lit, along with a Morrocan mint tea.

Cohiba Maduro 5 with a Moroccan mint tea

What a great smoke! Bleeding heavy for a lunchtime cigar, but I do enjoy these full-bodied experiences. This Maduro is a great sized, well-built cigar, with a real sweetness to it in its flavour.

Cohiba Maduro 5 cigar
Smoking the Cohiba Maduro 5 cigar

The smell of my cigar smoke even got complimented by a fellow guest – who told me that whilst they do not smoke cigars they love the smell of them.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar experience, and would totally recommend a visit. The staff were 👌 and made me feel totally welcome – and big up to Sophian for the cigar tips!

My rating: 8 out of 10

If you would like to visit The Garden Room at The Lanesborough Hotel… make your reservations now at Bookatable.

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  1. Thankyou for that very enticing description. You should get a commission from the Lanesborough. I just added it to my bucket list for next time that I visit London from Oz.


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