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Quintero: Favoritos

The next cigar I am going to try as part of my cigar challenge is from the Quintero cigar brand. I will be smoking the Quintero Favoritos.

The name of this cigar sounds great when you pronounce it.

The stats:

Length: 4 1/2″
Ring Gauge: 50
Strength: Medium
Country of origin: Cuba
Cost: £12.99 @ CGars

Quintero Favoritos


The Quintero cigar brand was established in Cuba in 1924. Each cigar was handcrafted in a little town called Cienfuegos.

During the 1940’s their reputation had grown and this enabled them to move to Havana.

Quintero cigars are made using Vuelta Abajo leaf tobacco, which according to cigar aficionados, is the place where the world’s best cigar leaves are.

My experience:

This is a traditional looking Cuban cigar – they seem to just have this distinctive look with their red, white and gold cigar band.

I must say I am not as familiar with this brand as I am with other heavy hitter Cubans like the Montecristo’s and Romeo Y Julieta’s.

Upon cutting the cap and lighting this cigar I get a medium bodied taste with oak and cedar like flavour notes, there is also a creamy aroma to it, not too harsh.

I had a bit of an uneven burn, maybe due to how I poorly lighted it.

The Quintero Favoritos feels like one of those cigars you could smoke on a frequent regular basis.

This is an incredibly good cigar for those on a budget. This cigar appears to be very cheap, I suspect one of the cheapest cigars I have come across during my challenge.

My rating: 7 out of 10 a really decent cigar for the price! Especially as it’s a Cuban cigar too👌

Next up… a Rafael Gonzalez!

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