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Ramon Allones: Gigantes

The next cigar I am going to try as part of my cigar challenge is from the Ramon Allones cigar brand. I will be smoking the Ramon Allones Gigantes.

The stats:

Length: 7 5/8″
Ring Gauge: 49
Strength: Full
Country of origin: Cuba
Cost: £31.15 @ Havana House

Ramon Allones Gigantes cigar

Background (from Wikipedia):

The brand was created in Cuba by brothers Ramón and Antonio Allones (no relation to the Antonio Allones of El Rey del Mundo fame) in 1845.

It is supposedly the first cigar brand to have introduced colourful lithographs to their cigar packaging and the first brand to include bands on their cigars.

I’m sure I’ve heard this before from another cigar brand 🤔

The brand went through numerous ownership changes before it was finally bought by the Cifuentes family and production was moved to the famous Partagás Factory, where Ramón Allones cigars are still made to this day.

Inside the Partagas and Ramon Allones Cigars factory in Havana, Cuba | Source: Ebay
Inside the Partagas and Ramon Allones Cigars factory in Havana, Cuba | Source: Ebay
Inside the Partagas and Ramon Allones Cigars factory in Havana, Cuba | Source: Ebay

On September 15, 1960, the revolutionary Cuban government nationalized all Cuban cigar manufacturing and production, including seizure of the Partagas factory where Ramon Allones cigars were manufactured. The Ramon Allones brand was selected for continued production and continues to be manufactured in Havana. Cuban-made Ramon Allones cigars use are medium-full to full strength in body, and the blend shares some of the characteristics of Partagás as far as overall body, vitolas, and packaging. It has always been produced in smaller quantities than Partagás.

Ramón Allones has since been a popular choice with many UK importers.

It is said… “The Ramon Allones Gigantes is an exceptional cigar, whatever the criteria. A charmer with its looks, superbly constructed in its elasticated wrapper, and a reassuring roll in the hand. A modern-day smooth seducer with its flavours that come at you from all sides of the palate. Injections of green pepper, honey, mocha, ginger, coffee, wet earth and exotic woods fuse in a regal, creamy, balance of power and aroma directed in a progression that seems as if it was created by mother nature herself.”

My experience:

It’s quite nice trying the different vitolas available across a cigar brand. I am already a fan of a Ramon Allones. I do quite like the Ramon Allones Specially Selected cigar, what some call a ‘RASS’.

This particular cigar the Ramon Allones Gigantes appealed to me because it is full in strength.

The first thing that strikes me about this particular cigar is its size. It’s humongous in length, like some kind of tiny walking stick. It’s unusual looking as I’ve never seen a Cuban cigar this length before.

But surprisingly it’s a beautiful smoke, quite toasty, I get a slight spice and a bit of earthiness from it. Feels like it’s been rolled perfectly, with great construction and a great burn to it. A really lovely draw. I think this is more full to medium in strength.

I still can’t nail retro hailing. No matter how hard I try. And one thing I find strange and I have no idea why… when I pass someone that is smoking a cigar I can smell it strongly, but when I smoke the cigar I can never smell that same smell somehow. Does anyone else get that? Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it is an illusion 😂

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Cuban cigars have such quality to them. This Ramon Allones matches this quality expectation I now have in the back of this!

My rating: 8 out of 10

Next up… a Romeo y Julieta!

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