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Tomtom Cigars & Coffee, Belgravia, London

As you know by now I like to visit a cigar store every now and again, this year I have been trying to visit one, once a month. Recently a few folk have been recommending I make a visit to Tomtom Cigars & Coffee Shop in Elizabeth Street, Belgravia, London.

The entrance to Tomtom’s Cigar & Coffee Shop

After a quick search online I made my way to the shop from Sloane Square tube station which was a short 10 minute walk away. I think you can also get to the venue from Victoria train station.

The shop itself is based in a small quiet street surrounded by other coffee shops and restaurants nearby. Tomtom’s have their own separate coffee shop a few yards down from the cigar shop. Don’t let this confuse you. The coffee shop proved to be more popular somehow, as there were lots of folk drinking and eating inside.

Immediately as you get to the cigar shop you will see seating outside underneath shelter and heaters.

Outdoor seating

Inside the shop it is fairly small but I am told there is a cigar lounge downstairs that is open from Thursday to Sunday. I didn’t get to see it on this visit. But I will return!

Seats are also inside the shop
A homage to Sir Winston Churchill

The walk in cigar humidor is full of wonderful Cuban cigars. I couldn’t see many Non Cuban cigars. This suited me to a tee. After a quick browse I chose a Partagas Serie E No 2, one of my favourite full bodied Cuban cigars and a H Upman Magnun 54.

The walk in cigar humidor

The cigars were a little pricey but I guess that’s due to the rise in the cost of Cuban cigars in this current climate.

A wonderful selection of cigars

After selecting my cigars the shop assistant cut and lit my Partagas cigar. I went for a punch cut as I don’t own a punch cutter. He offered me coffee too, which was perfect alongside my cigar.

It was here I was able to enjoy my cigar purchase in a nice relaxing outdoor space. The perfect place to people watch.

It did start to rain a little but the shelter was perfect.

I must say I was a little nervous about going in. I always feel like that when going into a cigar shop. I still haven’t gotten over that feeling, maybe one day I will, but so glad I ventured inside.

I totally recommend this place. It’s nice and chilled. I expect this to be quite popular on a warm summers evening and there are only 4 seats outside, but I’ve been lucky as I popped along during a fairly quiet weekday.

If you’re keen to visit the details are below –

Tomtom’s Cigar & Coffee, 63 Elizabeth Street, London, SW1W 9PP

Their website can be found at

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