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Cigars at No. Ten Manchester Street Hotel: A Haven for Cigar Lovers in London!

After sharing multiple cigar venue reviews and receiving the most incredible and continuous support and encouragement from my readers, many of whom I have started to meet around town, I have been recommended to explore the cigar terrace at No Ten Manchester Street Hotel.


According to their website they describe ‘Cigars at No. Ten as a must-visit destination for cigar enthusiasts in London. The venue boasts an exceptional range of hand-rolled Havana cigars that are meticulously maintained in a bespoke De Art humidor. Guests can sample their cigar selection in the indoor tasting room before making a purchase, with the option of enjoying a full-service cutting and lighting experience on the all-weather terrace. The venue also offers a delectable bar menu to complement your cigar experience. As an official Gold Havana Cigar Specialist, Cigars at No. Ten takes pride in providing guests with an exceptional cigar experience.’


The website’s bar menu also highlights that a minimum spending requirement of £35 per person applies to non-hotel guests in both the Cigar Terrace and Cigar Sampling room. It is important to note that this requirement is not applicable to in-house guests.

Cigar Terrace

I’ve actually been there before, around ten years ago, but I recently revisited and decided to blog about my experience this time around.

My experience:

It was a new experience for me to visit a cigar lounge with some cigar buddies that I have made through my blog. Usually, I explore such places alone, so it was a nice change to be part of a group of cigar aficionados in a social setting.

The venue is about a 10-15 minute walk from Baker Street tube station. Fortunately, it was a lovely, sunny day in London and fairly quiet for midday on a Sunday afternoon.

When I arrived, it wasn’t immediately clear where the entrance to the cigar lounge was. I think I may have taken an alternative entrance because I pushed open a giant black door and found myself waiting in the lobby.

The entrance I entered
The lobby

Someone eventually arrived and took me down to the cigar lounge, where my friend was already seated. Interestingly, I didn’t realise that there were two cigar spaces in the venue (If I had read the hotel website beforehand, of course that would have been made clearer 😂).

The first was the terrace, where you can bring your own cigars as long as you spend a minimum of £35. The terrace was beautifully decorated.

Cigar terrace

The second space was the cigar lounge, where I believe you can only sit if you purchase a cigar from the venue.

Cigar lounge

Between the two spaces was a cabinet filled with cigars, including some wonderful Cuban cigars.

The humidor
The Cohiba’s

My friend, who is a huge fan of Cohiba cigars, asked about the Cohiba 55 anniversary cigars. To our delight, the cigar sommelier brought them out.

Cohiba 55 Aniversario Limited Edition 2021 cigar box
Cohiba 55 Aniversario Limited Edition 2021 cigars

I remember these cigars being launched remotely during the pandemic at the annual Habanos Festival. They looked magnificent, and it was mind-blowing to see them in all their glory. They were selling for approx £600 each stick, which made my eyes water. One of the cigars had already been sold. It was a real treat to see them on this visit.

One day… I’d love to experience one of these cigars!

Of course, on this occasion, I didn’t smoke the Cohiba 55. Instead, I opted for some cigars that I had picked up a couple of days before from another cigar venue.

Afterwards, we went back to the cigar terrace to chat and smoke cigars. It was a fantastic experience. I was thrilled to be invited along, and more people joined us as we smoked our cigars.

Our waiter approached us and we had a nose through the bar menu, selecting a few items to order. Among them, I chose a Negroni – a drink I’ve often seen associated with cigars. The combination was perfect.

After a couple of hours of great chat, cigars, food, and drink, it was time to pay up and make our exit.

As we wandered the streets back to Baker Street tube station (we did get lost at first 😂), I kept thinking about what an enjoyable experience it was. It’s certainly a different experience than smoking alone, and I found myself not paying as much attention to my cigar. Whether this is a good or bad thing, I’m not sure. When I’m smoking solo, I tend to notice and observe more of the subtle flavour notes. I’d be interested in hearing others experiences. Indeed, it was an utterly joyous afternoon, and the company was top-notch! 🙏

Smoking a Vegas Robaina cigar with my Negroni

I would definitely recommend this place 100%. It’s great for a cigar with a group of friends and also for solo smokers – I did see a few there on their own.

For those interested in visiting, the details of Cigars at No. Ten are as follows:

No. Ten Manchester Street Hotel
10 Manchester Street

Google maps:

Phone: +44 (0)20 7233 3333


This information may also be handy, but check their website to get the very latest infos –

Cigar Terrace:

Opening Times: Mon-Tues: 4pm to 9pm; Wed-Sun: 12:30pm-9pm
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Minimum Spend: £35 per person
Services: Selecting, cutting & lighting of cigars by our experienced team

Cigar Shop & Sampling Room:

Opening Times: Mon-Tues: 4pm to 1am; Wed-Sun: 12:30pm to 1am
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Minimum Spend: £35 per person
Services: Selecting, cutting & lighting of cigars by our experienced tea
Sampling of cigars is only for cigars purchased from Cigars at No.Ten

If there’s a venue I haven’t been too, do reach out and let me know:

Do check out my other reviews of other cigar venues in and around London and beyond!


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