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Damn, I cannot seem to track down a Bauza cigar from any U.K. cigar supplier. This was the next cigar I was hoping to smoke as part of my cigar challenge. It appears I am not having much luck right now – but one for my bucket list maybe?

The reference to the Bauza cigar in ‘The Cigar Companion’

Unlike the Bances brand, the Bauza hasn’t been discontinued and it looks like it’s still available to limited US cigar suppliers, see Mikes Cigars. These cigars are currently from the Dominican Republic, but as I point out later… it looks like this brand originated from Cuba.

Upon further investigation I was surprised to hear that Bauza cigars are actually produced by the Arturo Fuente family, and have been doing so for well over twenty years.

This particular brand of cigars were the first non-Cuban brands to receive a 92 rating by Cigar Aficionado Magazine.

As for the cigars themselves, they are wrapped in a Ecuador Sumatra Sun-grown leaf with a Dominican binder and filler.

The cigar band appears to have had many makeovers over it’s time…

The cigar band has had many makeovers. You can see references to Cuba here – did this cigar originate from there?. If anyone knows, please do get in contact!
This looks like the latest Bauza cigar band, it includes the image of a whole tobacco plant

I haven’t in this instance had the opportunity to smoke a Bauza right now… so you might as well check out someone else’s review for that… see Cigar Guide’s review.

I will just have to admire from afar other folk who are smoking these cigars.

If I find a Bauza to smoke, I will update this page with my review.

Next up… the Bolivar. I have a feeling this won’t be so hard to track down 😂

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