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Cohiba: Robusto

Finally a cigar brand I can actually get my hands on, it’s been a while… it’s one of the biggies… the Cohiba! The most famous cigar brand on the planet.

I did want to try the Cohiba Behike, considered the very top-tier of the entire Cohiba portfolio. However, it is billed as being the most expensive cigar ever made (I am not a millionaire unfortunately). The best offer I found was the Cohiba Behike 52 at Sautter Cigars for £63.00, but as you would expect, that is ‘Out of stock’.

For this cigar challenge I have opted to try the Cohiba Robusto.

Cohiba: Robusto

The stats:

Length: 4 7/8″ 
Ring Gauge: 50 
Strength: Medium to Full
Country of origin: Cuba


Cohiba is the flagship brand of Habanos S.A. It was created in 1966 for President Fidel Castro and was made at the then top secret, but now world famous, El Laguito factory.

The name Cohiba is an ancient Taino Indian word for the bunches of tobacco leaves that Columbus first saw being smoked by the original inhabitants of Cuba – the earliest known form of a Habano (Spanish for “from Havana”).

Fidel Castro (Credit: © Eddie Adams/CORBIS OUTLINE)
El Laguito factory, Havana, Cuba
James Suckling, cigar critic, inside the El Laguito factory (during his documentary ‘Cigars: The Heart and Soul of Cuba’. Watch the full documentary here.

At first, it was only seen outside Cuba as gifts for heads of state and visiting diplomats. In the early 1980’s Cohiba was launched commercially to the rest of the world, with limited availability, by Habanos, the state-owned tobacco company that produces all Cuban cigars.

A worker inspects boxes of cigars at the Cohiba cigar factory in Havana, Cuba, Nov. 1981. (AP Photo/Prensa Latina via AP Images) Credit: Nick Foulkes ‘The History of Cohiba

I initially couldn’t quite get my head around the fact that some cigars by the same brand are produced in different countries… Cohiba is a brand for two kinds of premium cigar, one produced in Cuba for Habanos’s S.A., the other produced in the Dominican Republic for US based General Cigar Company. I’m assuming this is to ensure the US get access to this brand.

A range of cigars from the Cohiba cigar family

I am a huge fan of the branding for this cigar. It somehow feels like the most iconic of all the cigar brands I’ve seen.

The logo for Cohiba
Cohiba‘s cigar bands over the years.

I recently spotted the Cohiba Blue… and I was wondering whether this was some kind of rebrand?

Upon further research it looks like these are the non-Cuban version of the Cohiba. According to, these cigars were released as a ‘more affordable version of it’s Cohiba brand. The value-priced cigar is crafted with a three-country blend of tobaccos from Homndura.’ It’s basically the ‘Tesco value’ version of Cohiba cigars. Ok maybe not quite, but you get the gist. I love the colour of the cigar band. I want to get my hands on one!

My experience:

I purchased a box of these beauties… 3x Cohiba Robustos.

The arrival of 3x Cohiba Robustos

The cigars were packaged in smaller boxes inside the main box. A bit like a Russian doll. Which was interesting as other cigars I’ve purchased of a similar size are usually in some kind of tin.

The unboxing

On the inside it says…

“Robustos de Cohiba es un Habano elaborado con las más selectas hojas del tabaco cosechado en Vuelta Abajo. Para su confección han sido destinados los más experimentados torcedores. Su delicado aroma y su exquisito sabor harán perdurar en usted el inigualabe placer del fumar un habano.”

Which translates to…

“Robustos de Cohiba is a Habano made with the most select tobacco leaves harvested in Vuelta Abajo. The most experienced twisters have been destined for its manufacture. Its delicate aroma and exquisite flavor will make you endure the unequaled pleasure of smoking a cigar.”

Close up shot

The cigar felt quite thin when I first took it out of its box. I think that’s because I am used to smoking a larger ring gauge. This is a 50. It looks stunning, something I am really looking forward to smoking.

Cohiba Robusto

The cigar lit well there, was extremely balanced with a full bodied flavour.

The biggest thing that stood out for me with this cigar, was the large plumes of smoke that were seaping out of mouth after the initial draws… a thick creamy like smoke which was just perfection. I haven’t smoked a cigar like it.

A nice build up of ash

My rating 9 out of 10

Wow, an incredible cigar! The Cohiba Robusto definitely lived up to its name. I know I’ve only smoked a couple of cigars as part of my cigar challenge so far, but this definitely feels like the cream of the crop.

I have another 2x to smoke but also very keen on trying more from this brand, and of course one day the Cohiba Behike 🙏

Next up the Cohiba Piramides cigar!


  1. My favourite cigar brand by far I really do enjoy the Siglo iv or come to that all of the Siglo’s. Well worth a smoke if you can’t get the Behikes right now.

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  2. A great Cohiba is about as good as cigar smoking can get. I had a Robusto on my 50th birthday last year. It was so good that I had to put down the book I was reading to fully concentrate on the cigar.

    Liked by 1 person

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