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Cohiba: Piramides Extra

After smoking the Cohiba: Robusto, I just wasn’t happy to move on to another cigar brand without at least trying one other Cohiba. I looked high and low one more time for the Behike either 52, 54 or 56 at an affordable price, but it wasn’t meant to be.

I then stumbled across this beauty… the Cohiba 50 Anniversary Humidor, but at a whopping £1,250.00, I will just have to dream about those.

Cohiba 50 Anniversary Travel Humidor – the things dreams are made of 🙏

With all that in mind I opted for the next best thing, the Cohiba Piramides Extra cigar.

This cigar looks bigger than the Robusto, and is probably one of the most expensive cigars I have ever purchased at £45.00 from Havana House. Great price for the size and in comparison to other cigar sites I’ve seen.

Cohiba Piramides Extra cigar

The stats:

Length: 6 1/4″
Ring Gauge: 54
Origin: Cuba
Strength: Medium to Full
Wrapper: Corojo


The Cohiba Piramides Extra is a rare cigar that Cohiba produce every year, but only in limited qualities.

Cohiba has four different ‘lineas’ or lines.

1. Cohiba Linea Clasica

This cigar is part of Cohiba’s ‘Línea Clásica’, made up of seven cigars – Panetela, Lancero, Corona Especial, Robusto, Exquisito, Espléndido, Piramides Extra. These cigars are medium to full strength, and known for having a ‘rich and complex character, featuring creamy notes of cedar, cocoa, leather and spice’. The Piramides Extra was unveiled during the 14th Habano Festival (the big cigar festival in Cuba – check out the video here) in 2012.

2. Cohiba Linea 1492

3. Cohiba Linea Maduro 5

4. Cohiba Linea Behike

My experience:

The cigar itself looks like the perfect size and shape. I actually want to dress up smartly to smoke this cigar, it feels like I’m about to experience something very special.

However I have noticed a bit of green looking mould on the wrapper under the cigar band.

Cohiba Piramides

I usually smoke my cigars on the balcony of my flat, where I can watch the world go by. It is a nice clear sky, a tad windy.

Ready to cut the cap and light up

The cigar starts off quite difficult to draw from which is a bit of a shock. This continues and the wrapper starts to split as I smoke – which I do not expect from a Cohiba.

Wrapper starts to split

I am not really tasting any particular flavours and I’m really disappointed as the wrapper continues to split. It makes me wonder if this cigar is a real Cohiba?

Wrapper splits further

I can’t quite work out why I am not enjoying this cigar, I absolutely loved the Cohiba Robusto. Is it my mood, is it the high expectation I have set of this cigar, is it the cost verses experience?

My rating: 6 out of 10

If they did refunds for a cigar, I would ask for one. Really disappointed by this particular Cohiba Piramides.

It does feel weird writing so negatively about a Cohiba, and makes me wonder if I am a good enough judge. I can only say how I feel… and this time around I was not feeling it.

I am still a fan of the cigar brand, just picked up a copy of ‘We shall call them Cohiba, a legendary pleasure’ by Adargelio Garrido De La Grana. Looking forward to learning more.

New book for the bookcase

Next up, the Cuaba!

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